We are offering to specifiers, system integrators, facility manager services of expertise in open protocols BMS integration.

A building Management System is first a network !

Every single equipment (Lighting, HVAC, Blind…) is connected to that network and “talks” with another equipment or with central PC : used language is protocol. Some language is standards and opens. They are known and used by the entire manufacturer: these are the open protocols. NEWRON SYSTEM is expert in the entire open BMS protocols.

Open protocols

European standards one are definitely :

  • LonWorks (EN/ISO 14908)
  • KNX (EN/ISO 14543)
  • BACnet (EN/ISO 16484)

Another protocol limited to metering and data collection are normalized : M-Bus. It coexists with a de facto standard in the metering market : Modbus. These protocols are what we call “vertical protocol” because they can be connected to a SCADA. But some horizontal protocols are also existing: these protocols are never directly connected to a SCADA : DALI for lighting, SMI for sun blinds, EnOcean for the last 10 meters wireless sensors and actuators…

Standard and opened vertical protocols are all available over IP (Encapsulated over TCP/IP)
This permits to share an IP cable where several open protocols can transit. Then SCADA system only needs to be connected to IP. These IP based topologies are very useful for large system but also for scalability, segmentation, performance… The IP convergence !

Knowing a protocol, its aim, correctly choosing a protocol are the basis to build a modern, independent, opened and flexible building management system. The number of sensors is getting higher and higher… these sensors need to inter operate… the number of information to collect is dramatically growing… It is then mandatory to mutualise and distribute information through standards.

We can help you to build your solution.

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