Multi site management

doGate : a universal gateway between heterogeneous building to perform multi site management

We need to move from standard BMS to BEMS and then to Smart Building to end in Smart Cities. Buildings have to be connected to the outside.

But buildings are somehow heterogeneous and there is a need to converge to a unique architecture matching the most existing buildings management system (if any) as you can.

doGate, a universal BMS data aggregator

doGate is a universal BMS data aggregator that fit either buildings with no BMS or BMS with proprietary protocols or buildings with systems based on open standards. doGate collects over IP information coming from BACnet, LonWorks, KNX, Modbus, M-Bus or OPC (for proprietary), performs local automation such as alaming, scheduling, trending and serve information to the local software (HMI, SCADA, supervision) or remote software platform (Enrgy dashboard, report, ERP…).

With a dual IP interface (one local / one remote) it enables every architecture :

doGate includes our doMoov operating system and of course can be enhanced with any other protocol if needed.

doMoov can also be embedded into your hardware if needed.

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