LonWorks OPC server

NLOPC-MIP is an OPC server with an independent database, to interface with LonWorks networks and read or write data.

Robust and powerful engine

NLOPC-MIP is based on an engine improved since 1994. NLOPC-MIP was the first OPC LonWorks of the market to be able to read simultaneously several values on the network in one request. These characteristics increase the performances of the supervision. NLOPC-MIP decrease initialization time of scada.

Redundant server

NLOPC-MIP is the only LonWorks server providing the function of redundancy under control of the scada. It guarantees the operation of the scada in any state of the network.

Interoperable data

NLOPC is interoperable with all the available OPC clients. It translates and handles the standard or specific network variables via a LonMark catalogue. It accepts structured data: this is translated and converted into simple and unitary data. The values are used in either SI or US units.

A monitoring toolbox

NLOPC is enhanced with functions useful for integration. It includes a simulation mode and a high trace level which allows the monitoring to be tuned and to work off network. It allows the analysis of the time of network interface occupation for precision adjustments.


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