Core business

NEWRON SYSTEM Core Business is BMS system architect specialists : we propose everything to build a system independently of the manufacturer devices and the protocol.
System is the real leverage !

System suppliers for BMS Systems

NEWRON SYSTEM core business is to be system suppliers for BMS Systems based on standard and opened protocols such as LonWorks, BACnet, KNX, M-Bus, Modbus, OPC, oBIX… We are out of the application and propose everything around the application to make a Building Management System with any manufacturers’ device based on these open protocols.

We are mainly proposing the network infrastructure (PC interface, routers, repeaters, automation device) and also the network tools (management, test, tuning, OPC… tools) to interconnect devices into an opened and interoperable system. We are also proposing expertise and training on the complete open BMS protocols as service around the products.

(Remplacer LonWorks par BMS Standard)

DoMooV software framework

System builder is nowadays required for modern Building Management Systems.

That is why we turned into a system company, developing and marketing a universal BMS operating system targeted at solving the challenges associated with Building Management Systems : DoMooV.

DoMooV software framework provides a software platform to integrate diverse systems and devices - regardless of manufacturer or communication protocol - into a unified system that can be easily managed and supervised.

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