The graphical life space studio for ETS

Jump in large commercial building market.

Come and visit us in Light & Building to discover the innovative tool for KNX integration in commercial office buildings.
MooV’n’Group is a graphical life space studio for ETS 4. This software works inside ETS 4 and offers a new user friendly interface showing the building’s layout and physical positions of appliances. MooV’n’Group enables an improved integration workflow based on zones: the user draws a square on the building layout and enters appliances inside a zone : it automatically feeds the ETS database with the entire technical information (groups, parameters).
Moov’n’Group’s added value is automatic configuration, (re)zoning and management of KNX networks. It is an easy-to-use tool which hides complexity and technology from the user. It can be used by building tenants to reconfigure a KNX network depending on the new desired floor plan without any special KNX technical knowledge.

MooV’n’Group is definitely entering the market of large commercial office buildings with KNX. Indeed NEWRON SYSTEM already penetrated this market with the same tool concept in LonWorks technology : NLFacilities has been available for more than 10 years and has already installed more than 1 million LON devices in commercial office buildings. MooV’n’Group is offering the same workflow and similar functions to open the door to large and flexible KNX room control devices.
MooV’n’Group structure is built on templates which include the basic functions of the zone: the grouping and parameter templates. The user never starts from scratch and reuses a tested and safe technical template. This workflow dramatically drops integration time and costs. Moreover, the required technological knowledge of the user is minimized with this mechanism as well.
Newron System sees MooV’n’Group as a useful tool to enter the large commercial building market, and will it be introduced at the Light & Building exhibition (Frankfort April 15-20 Hall 9.0 - A15).

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