LonWorks Software

NEWRON SYSTEM proposes a wide range of LonWorks tool to manage a network, test and connect a SCADA.

NEWRON SYSTEM is the leading European software house for tools in LonWorks. We are proposing a complete set of tools from network management to test and tuning.

Network management tools SCADA Interfaces / Gateways Test and tuning

These tools are dedicated to install, manage and maintain LonWorks networks. They are based on the LNS operating System
They can be either technological or graphical based on templates

That family includes pieces of software to interface an HMI or SCADA to a LonWorks network in an interoperable way : BACnet or OPC server
It also include software Gateway to translate LonWorks into other standard and open protocols

Software to test a LonWorks network. We propose software to test a network before nodes are commissioned or one based on test template. We also propose a software to supervise the network communication on an installed and commissioned network
NL220-TEStandard LNS network management tool: complete and straightforward for a quick and safe installation. It also proposes highly advanced features NLOPC-TECertified OPC server to connect a LonWorks network to an HMI or SCADA. That is an LNS native application. NLUTIL standard node utility: analyse node internal memory but also channel communication and wiring problems
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NLFacilities Graphical LNS network management tool based on templates. It includes an automatic re-configuration depending on portioning and wall position. Very useful for large installation, commercial buildings and when there are several identical devices NLOPC-MIP Certified OPC server to connect a LonWorks network to an HMI or SCADA. The engine is not LNS native but brings more performances. It includes a LNS database import. NLPreCom Pre commissioning tool to test communication based on test templates. It scans a network, stresses it and checks communication, sends general commands and checks the device reaction
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NLCSV LNS Plus ins to automate network management from Excel files or text files. Useful for mass integration purpose through external text files DMVB4L BACnet server mapping information coming from a LonWorks network: translating LonWorks SNVT and/or SCPT into BACnet objects NLTestChannel tool to supervise an installed and commissioned network. It checks communication, raise alarms and trend communication quality.
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doGate-SW Software Gateway to map any protocol into other protocols among BACnet, KNX , LonWorks, Modbus, M-Bus, OPC
Supports every other protocol standard data types.
Also embeds a trending, alarming and scheduler engine
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Please note we are also proposing our tools in OEM meaning customized to your colours. We are also proposing specific development from our existing software range and protocol knowledge.

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