Multi protocol infrastructure

NEWRON SYSTEM offers a universal and multi protocol automation device enabling a unique BMS architecture for all bid and tenders.

IMG/jpg/dos-dogate.jpg doGate is a universal and multi protocol infrastructure component based on IP convergence. It interfaces with the complete open and standard BMS protocols : LonWorks, BACnet, KNX, Modbus, M-Bus, OPC… It acquires field datapoints from any protocol, manage trending, alarming and scheduling, includes a universal gateway bewenn the entire prorocols. At the end it servces any field datapoint to SCADA through BACnet or OPC interface.

doGate offers an innovative and unique distributed architecture based on IP convergence. Traditional and existing solutions (manufacturers, gateway…) definitely offer the same architecture : a decentralised architecture. Such an architecture is very expensive, over dimensioned, always different… But the worse point is the following : this does not permit ral peer to peer connection between channels and prevent the SCADA system from managing the field and maintaining hardware devices on field… doGate basically offers an architecture where every layer is independently connected to IP : more flexible, relevantly cheaper (30% minimum) and enables network management from SCADA layer.

In fact doGate architecture is a brand new way to design BMS systems. Traditionals solutions are piling ervery data layer : management layer (SCADA) asks to automation that asks to field (device), field respond to automation that forward to management ! In DoGate architecture every layer can communicate with any layer through IP! Management can dialog directly with field so can perform network management !

doGate in fact includes our doMoov framework : it offers a SDK and the ability for any company to develop its own software application on the top of it. Then doGate is also a pure Smart Service development platform.

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