LonWorks Manager tool

NL220-TE is a LNS network manager tool to create and configure LonWorks networks.

Reduce integration time

NL220-TE is the LonWorks technician’s tool. With NL220-TE it is possible to quickly create and configure a LNS database with devices coming from different manufacturers. The non graphical interface is a choice driven by avoiding synchronisation problems and accelerate integration.

Complete LNS manager tool

NL220-TE implements all LNS functions and provides unique functions, directly coming from integrators’ experience, to ease and accelerate integration. With recursive commands or multiple selection, you can send a command or change a configuration on a large number of devices in an instant.

Integrator plugins

Use of NLCSV plugin suite also helps creating, configuring and commissioning yet faster the LonWorks network.


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