LNS TE native OPC Server enabling enhanced performances

NLOPC-TE is a LNS native OPC server to interface with LonWorks networks, read and write data.

High performance engine

NLOPC-TE is based on the MonitorSets of LNS enhanced with unique and new functions. They are the fruit of Newron System’s on-site work. NLOPC-TE is the only OPC server on the market able to read, for one request, several values simultaneously on the network thus giving increased monitoring performance. NLOPC-TE drastically cuts monitoring initialization time. It avoids collapse of monitoring in case of defective devices or network.

Certified OPC server

NLOPC-TE is an « OPC Foundation » certified product. Its engine has successfully passed all the DA 1, 2, 3 and XML server access tests. This certification guarantees its functioning with all the supervisors. LNS, for its part, ensures the certification of the LonTalk (EIA709) protocol, ISO EN14908 standard. It guarantees the working of the server with all LonWorks and LonMark products.

Interoperable data

NLOPC-TE is interoperable with all the available OPC clients. It translates and handles the standard or specific network variables via a LonMark catalogue. It accepts structured data: this is translated and converted into simple and unitary data. The values are used in either SI or US units.

A monitoring toolbox

NLOPC-TE is enhanced with functions useful for integration. It includes a simulation mode and a high trace level which allows the monitoring to be tuned and to work off network. It can handle several LNS databases simultaneously. It also offers options which modify the behavior of the tags (Heartbeat, addressing, frequency...).


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