Channel analyzing and diagnostic tool

A wiring and connection analysis tool

NLUTIL works by LNS import or by network scan or Service Pin. It offers a cyclic test on all communication canal equipment. It detects CRC errors (bad wiring). It gives a ’good, average, bad’ device communication status. The user can immediately visualize the devices’ communication status.

A device and infrastructure test tool

For each device, NLUTIL displays the full Neuron Chip internal structure, in particular the « Read Only Structure » where buffer size can be changed. It offers a dynamic browser formatted according to the resources catalogue (SNVT, UNVT). It also displays the used and available alias! It accepts routing class modifications as well as visualization of the internal tables and counters specific to the LSwitch/L-IP.

A network tuning tool

NLUTIL is the essential tool for tuning LonWorks networks before using LNS tools. Wiring can be checked and product application functions can be tested as units or globally, all without a database. It allows generation in XML or CSV of a node report with Neuron Id, PID plus the internal counters and statistics. In addition, the correct functioning of the system can be checked and redefined when needed.

The essential minimum

Over time, NLUTIL has become a must. Designed as a replacement for NodeUtil®, it is today the ’fit all and do all’ of the LonWorks network specialist. It has numerous complementary functionalities such as the multi download, explicit message dispatching, communication timer tuning, and recursive commands.


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