Software tool to qualify a LonWorks network

NLPreCom is a LonWorks network and wiring certification tool.

Network quality test

NLPreCom can scan several domains on the channel, check the number of plugged and powered nodes, check wiring and check network topology consistency. It provides simple solutions to the detected problems. It also guarantees devices’ presence.

Prepare commissioning

To prepare the commissioning of the network, NLPreCom can pre-download a specified program or pre-download configuration properties to ease commissioning. It can configure the devices on the jobsite without specific knowledge needed. It guarantees device installation.

IO & peripheral tests

Another possible use is check IO wiring and functionality. The user can launch commands to 1 or several device and monitor results. Tests and results are understandable by a non qualified technician. It guarantees devices’ functionality.

Report & certificate

Finally, it is possible to generate reports including complete tests results. It guarantees that every mandatory action has been performed. It’s possible to periodically generate reports on the building’s working. NLPreCom guarantees electrical contractor’s and facility manager’s job.


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