Graphical LonWorks integration and reconfiguration

NLFacilities is a LNS graphical integration tool to create and configure LonWorks networks.

Integrate and template

NLFacilities is the reference for creating, commissioning and operating LonWorks networks in large projects (Office buildings …). This software allows you to create dynamic integration models (configurations, bindings …) re-usable in new projects.

A graphical interface

Its graphical interface makes it easy and quick to create the database, and also enables fast and automatic reconfiguration for integrators and building tenants by moving partitions. NLFacilities also creates the SCADA system in parallel, and the reconfiguration tool can be embedded in a supervision with an ActiveX control.

NLFacilities Runtime is a graphical reconfiguration, monitoring and maintenance tool for LonWorks networks.

A monitoring tool built along integration

NLFacilities Runtime can be used with an NLFacilities project. The project has been built by the network integration tool NLFacilities. By using this project in NLFacilities Runtime alongside defining monitoring appearances in the project’s model, it is possible to provide a simple monitoring tool that will allow you to verify a function state (for instance lamp on or off, current temperature on a zone master …), to repair devices or zones, or to replace an out of use device.

Reconfigure your network in 4 clicks

NLFacilities Runtime makes it very easy to reconfigure a LonWorks network. From the project already defined, you can redefine partitions and thus automatically reconfigure connections between functions and master / slave properties. In four clicks, redraw the partition and reconfigure the functions.


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