Monitor the LonWorks network health and quality

NLTestChannel is a LonWorks network quality monitor and alarm generator.

The expertise in the background

The invisible background testing task draws its strength from Newron System’s years of experience. Constantly running and analyzing the network indicators, it deduces the system’s quality and critical levels. Data is sorted as a function of the physical communication wiring. NLTestChannel deploys effortlessly in parallel with all existing LNS installations.

An expert system offering repair

The expert system offers summarized flaw on a large amount of data. It recommends possible solutions for solving network alerts. The system’s rules are derived from over 10 years experience in actual working situations. NLTestChannel does not give raw, technological data ; rather, it offers repair actions.

Two advice levels

In a first step, NLTestChannel suggests simple actions with no technical explanations. Then secondly, the expert can find the technical detail in the analysis and can launch complementary tests to focus the diagnosis and thus repair the system.

Processing network alarms and archiving

NLTestChannel is a system quality supervisor. Data is sorted by physical wiring (channels) but also by product family. The alarms are sent to the screen or by e-mail to addressees configurable by product family. All network anomalies as well as all actions are archived.


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