Get the full benefit of IP distributed automation

IP convergence and distributed automation

doGate is an IP device, that can communicate on several open standard BMS protocols (LonWorks, BACnet, KNX, Modbus, M-Bus). With its simple and straightforward configuration and maintenance tool, you can easily configure your SCADA interface (BACnet or OPC), schedulers, gateways, trends and alarms.

Dual IP, a strategy

doGate has two independent IP interfaces. It allows dedicating one interface t your local automation network, and the other interface can be connected to the internet for serving your BMS information through a WAN. The dual IP also allows doGate to be used as a BACnet proxy to segment BACnet IP networks.

Asynchronous acquisition engines

Each supported protocol has its own independent acquisition engine. As it is possible to define several channel for one protocol, each channel are also independent. All acquisition and configuration has been optimized to lower as possible traffic load on the channels: Absent device engine, multi threaded applications, cache …

For new and existing jobsites

doGate can be integrated in a new project, but it is also very efficient to provide automation to an existing jobsite. Its configuration tool can use database standards (LNS, ETS, EDE, CSV) or network scan for an efficient configuration.

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