doMoov BACnet Server for Modbus / M-Bus

Interface your Modbus or M-Bus channels with your BACnet system

An interface for BACnet systems

DBS4M provides an interface between Modbus or M-Bus networks and BACnet systems. This software can access values on Modbus or M-Bus devices, and map those values into BACnet objects that can be used by BACnet SCADA systems or BACnet devices.
The BACnet Server and its object can be seen as a single BACnet device or several virtual BACnet devices.
The BACnet Server also offers standard BACnet alarming functionalities on its objects.

Simple configuration tool

A simple configuration tool is provided to configure the BACnet Server functionalities. It will help you create the Modbus or M-Bus network browser.
Once the Modbus or M-Bus network is configured, the BACnet Server configuration is very easy: you can select values from the Modbus or M-Bus network browser, and automatically map to the corresponding BACnet objects.
When the BACnet objects are configured, you can choose to activate BACnet standard functions such as defining a unit for the value, or create alarm conditions for the value.

Included automation functions

Within your DBS4M license, you can also configure schedulers and gateways. The configuration of these functionalities is included in DBS4M configuration software.

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