doMoov Gateway for Multiprotocol

Software gateway to interface standard open BMS protocols

Multiple gateways for open BMS standard protocols

DG4MP is a software gateway that connects networks from different BMS protocols. It is possible to define gateways between BACnet objects, LonWorks network variables, KNX group addresses, Modbus coils and registers, M-Bus values and OPC tags (depending on the chosen reference). There is no license limitation in the number of gateways you can create.

Simple configuration tool

A simple configuration tool is provided to configure the Gateway functionalities. It will help you create the network browsers for each active protocol.
Once the networks are configured, the Gateway configuration is very easy: you can select values from the one network browser as inputs, and select values from another network browser as outputs. Several types of gateways conversions are available: direct conversion, ranged conversion. It is also possible to define the refresh frequency and possible repeats. Gateways can be created and exported with CSV files.

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