doMoov OPC Server

Interface your standard BMS protocol installation with OPC client applications

Provide an OPC interface to your field network

doMoov OPC Server is a software providing an OPC interface to field networks of standard BMS protocols. With this software, you can connect any OPC client application (SCADA, energy management …) to the field network; this will allow you to control devices and also read information from the network.

Fast and simple configuration

The OPC Server configuration is very simple and effective. A wizard will help you create the networks browser, either by importing a standard database format (EDE, LNS, ETS) or by scanning the network. Once the networks are created, you can launch your OPC client and browse the OPC tags automatically generated from the networks. A straightforward OPC Server interface will list the connected OPC clients, and display the value, state and date of last refresh time for each OPC tag.

Included automation functions

Within your DOS license, you can also configure schedulers and gateways. The configuration of these functionalities is included in DOS configuration software.

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